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What To Expect

Professional Steam Cleaning

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is important. For invested home owners and families to pet parents and those of us that just can’t stand that one stain in the living room. ProClean Canada Carpet Care makes booking an appointment easy with online, text or phone call booking. You receive automatic reminders the day before your appointment as well as a “heads up” message with down to the minute arrival time for your convenience. So what should you expect from your carpet cleaning? How does one prepare? Let’s dig in!

Okay, the day has arrived! Fresh clean and soft carpets are mere hours away. Let’s prepare! Will this be a wall to wall cleaning or will we be going around beds, couches, dressers etc? Either way is fine with us! The ProClean team can work around large items. We do ask that you remove any extra special decor or heirlooms atop of tables for added precaution. As well, we ask that walk ways be cleared too. It’s always great if you can pre-vacuum your carpets in advance. Our machines can be loud for pets as hoses run from our vans in through your ajar door to your carpeting so it's always best to have your pets put somewhere where they will be most comfortable. Okay, so the spaces to be cleaned are cleared, you’ve pre-vacuumed and Fido is happily snoozing in a comfy spot. You are an amazing person to work with already and we appreciate your efforts! 

Your ProClean tech has arrived. They respectfully await for you to invite them into your home after introducing themselves. Show us where you’d like us to clean and the technician(s) will inspect areas thoroughly to determine what type of carpeting you have and what type of soil load is present in your carpets. ProClean Canada also uses a UV Light if pet stains and odours are a concern. This way, we can see every spot and make sure stains and odours are fully removed. Your tech will also ask when your carpets were cleaned last and which method was used. It’s important to know if you’ve used personal carpet cleaning machines, or another professional has used a portable unit or dry chemical method in prior cleanings. Our team will be able to assess and clean accordingly for a Quality Clean. Our highly trained techs will be able to answer any carpet related questions you may have. Ask away! 

Once all these details are sorted, your technician will begin their work by bringing in their equipment. This consists of a carpet cleaning wand, hoses, and a (non toxic, pet and family friendly) pre-spray mixed specific to your carpets needs. We work from the farthest corner of your home, using high heat and powerful suction to fully clean your carpets. This is where the magic happens. Your tech has been cleaning for awhile now and you peek into the room to see the contrast of before and after. Each pass with our steam wand loosening dirt and grime, giving way to bright fresh, and satisfyingly clean carpet. Wow! By now, you know you’ve made the right choice and invested with the right company to get the job done. 

ProClean Canada Carpet Care Techs make settling up the bill easy with a card reader for your convenience. Your carpets should be dry to the touch in 4 hours and fully dry within 6 to 12 hours. If time is of the essence, you can turn your A/C or heating up, turn a fan on or open a window for more air circulation.

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